Traders Bet on These Altcoins ! MATIC, ZIL, VRA, FTM, AVAX, ENJ Could Hit ATH Soon


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Bitcoin and Ethereum appear pretty weak in recent times with no strength to uplift themselves above the danger zones. However, some altcoins that were deeply impacted by the recent Bitcoin sell-off, reversed the trend quickly to recover at the earliest. Polygon (MATIC), Zilliqa (ZIL), Verasity (VRA), Avalanche (AVAX), and Enjin coin(ENJ) are among the asset which could ignite the Altseason 2022!


The altcoin emerged out of blue in 2021 above everyone’s expectations and leapt long to gulp a couple of zero’s to hit the levels around $ 2.6 to mark the ATH. However, since then the price is trembled down heavily, and currently,  a notable attempt to range above $ 2 is witnessed. The asset is primed to hit $ 3 in the first week of February and further undergoing minor retracements and flips may hit $ 5 in the mid of 2022.


Zilliqa(ZIL) price after the heavy crash from the $ 0.25 levels, attempted to surge high during the first week of September but failed. However, since then the asset is trending within a descending triangle and pretty distinct from its apex. The asset going more lower is pretty unlikely as a strong rebound from current levels is much expected. Yet the asset could continue trending within the same pattern offering a good opportunity for the traders to enter the deal at a discounted price. If the asset goes back to its ATH then it may take a long leap of more than 300%.


Veracity id down from its highs by more than 70% now and could continue to do to shed another 10% to 15% of its value. Yet as the asset enters the buy zone which resides around $ 0.09 price levels, where-in a huge influx of buying volume may be expected. Therefore the asset could clearly leap long to recover a minimum of 50% loss to hit the levels around $ 0.048. Yet the target for Q1 2022 resides around $ 0.07 to $ 0.08 levels.


The AVAX price during the past day trading hours broke down the trend line to hit lows below $ 80. Nevertheless, a decent buying volume escalated and the asset is currently testing the trend line again. However, the upcoming advancement and upgrades pave way for another thriving AVAX price rally that may initially target $ 100 and further head towards $ 180 to $ 200 levels in Q1 2022. Yet $ 500 still remains the target by mid-2022. 


EnjinCoin bounces yet again from the strong support levels at $ 2.2 and may undergo a notable uptrend in the coming week. The asset is swinging within a symmetrical triangle and within a couple of days could slice through the consolidation. While the short-term target remains around $ 3, yet long-term target remains above $ 5 in Q1 2022.

Collectively, Altcoins may flourish during the upcoming days, igniting the Altseason 2022 as they showcase a huge tendency to go parabolic. While Bitcoin and Ethereum remain pretty unsure about the next move, these altcoins could suge high with a pretty good margin!

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