The Three Golden Rules In Investing

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Each one of us, more or less consciously, devotes most of our time to activities that will earn us money, or at least be useful from a purely financial point of view. To say that the whole world revolves (and has always revolved) around money is not a trite cliché, but an accurate description of reality. Think about it for a moment: why do you always wake up at the same time in the morning and make a beeline for your office, where you will spend most of your day? What is the unstoppable impulse that keeps you glued to your daily routine, which you would not want to give up for anything in the world? The answer is simple, and you have almost certainly already formulated it in your mind. It is about earning money, the ability to accumulate an ever-increasing amount of wealth to satisfy your desires, indulge in a lifestyle of a certain type, or even simply provide for the practical needs of your family (especially if you are the only one in the family with a regular, well-paid job). 

The need to accumulate money 

In this situation, more and more people find themselves confronted with the problem of lack of money, becoming entangled in a state of poverty from which they cannot seem to free themselves. It is precisely at this point that people start looking for practical ways to earn more money, to multiply their sources of income, perhaps through extra work or through the benefits of practical advice from an expert in the field. In the age of the internet and social media, many people seem to be enchanted by the easy promises made by supposed money gurus, who dispense their improbable tips and tricks to earn more money, comfortably and (too) easily, even from the comfort of their own homes. Relying on the advice of the first person you find online is not only potentially detrimental to your finances but could push you into a self-destructive vortex that would also affect your mental health, your lucidity, and your ability to make choices independently. To start earning more money, you will certainly not have to buy expensive participation in online courses or workshops, but rely on those common-sense rules that have always guided people in the careful and prudent management of their money, and that nowadays – also due to the chaos generated by the net and social media – seems to have been completely forgotten. 

The Three Rules 

The golden rules of investing are certainly no secret. The first is perhaps also the most trivial and is the one that warns all investors against trading in the presence of a strong emotional rush. In this business, emotions will do you no good, because they will only make you less lucid. You will have to free yourself from all attachments, including those related to the object or end result of your investments. Those who have some savings might be induced to invest large sums of money immediately as if it were an all-in, but this is the wrong approach. In such cases, it is preferable to parcel out the investment, splitting it into several sums and spreading it over a much longer period of time. This brings us to the third rule, which is probably also the most important: when you invest, you should do so with a future-oriented mindset, already projected into the long term, without setting goals centered on the present and deciding for yourself to broaden your horizons. 

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By carrying out our every activity with awareness, and calibrating our emotions to perfection, we will become masters of ourselves in every situation, and we will no longer be afraid of anything. 

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