The African continent is the world’s second largest and second most-populous continent surrounded and surmounted with problems of energy utilization. Africa herself has been greatly affected and influenced by the crippling and failing power supply in so much so that the dwindling effect of the energy creeps into other business sectorial part time after time.
Knowing that Nigeria, in particular, is a great country located in the western part of the African globe composed of great natural resources but of history, there has been a rising problem of energy management causing the nation Nigeria to encountering challenges for minimal achievement within her economy. Though The country has ever been making effort to improving the state of energy flow but in Nigeria administration it obvious that the energy sector is not optimally working due to improper management and unbalanced control stated as a result of total financial loss from corruption in the electricity sector, starting from the return to democracy in 1999 to date, which is calculated is over N11 trillion of public funds. It also estimated that it may be over N20trillion in the next decade in view of the rate of government’s investment and funding in the power sector, amidst the dwindling fortune and recurrent revenue shortfalls. The availability of energy to Africa is very indispensable because every facet of the industry requires it for consistent and efficient productivity and growth of the economy. The so made-promises by the administration has no place to fulfill a consistent energy utilization due to disorder in maintenance and management routines monitored in the power sector. If Africa truly desires to improve in her economy then political forces and its management must be properly and rightly measured and reviewed intensively in care with its capitalists’ entities and other bureaucratic institutions also accurately determined, rightly influenced to have a maintained routine of energy in the power sector.
Africa must decide to face the future of a new era, the era of Solarex. I believe Africa can have a well managed, organized and digitally bonded energy system with an absolutely disruptive and democratized ecosystem to improve her living state. With The Solarex system being The Powering Africa Project is a disruptive, decentralized and democratized solar energy project with the purpose to building a solar energy ecosystem that is clean and affordable for everyone, Africa can have the full guarantee of unbreakable energy flow for an economy.
Arica Blockchain Research Council is seeking for ways to resolve most issues in Africa using blockchain technology. Current Africa Blockchain Research Council is working on a project tagged Solarex Powering Africa Project to solve the energy crises in Africa,
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