Swords of Blood Raises Over Million In First Presale Stage – Just One Week Until Price Hikes

Swords of Blood

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The Swords of Blood presale has already raised $ 1 million in fundraising – in its first stage! Investors are quickly rushing to the epic hack-and-slash role-playing game as they believe it can potentially change the future of Web3 P2E gaming.

The game is the first AAA-quality hack-and-slash game coming to the Polygon network, which can boast flashy combat mechanics, stellar graphics, and a wide range of game modes for everybody to enjoy. Furthermore, the game is gathering lots of traction because it’s building on the solid foundations of its predecessor, released in 2019 with over four million downloads.

Swords of Blood Fundraising Hits $ 1 Million Milestone.

Just a few days after starting its presale, the fundraising for Swords of Blood crossed the $ 1 million milestone. The presale remains in the first stage, selling the native token behind the platform – SWDTKN – for a price of 0.054 USDT. This is the lowest price possible to invest as the presale is still in stage one. However, with the presale expected to enter stage 2 next week, this is your last chance for rock-bottom prices.

The presale uses an increasing price mechanism, meaning the cost for SWDTKN will increase through the stages. For example, once stage 2 commences next week, the price for the token will increase to $ 0.07. It will continue rising through each subsequent presale stage, so investing earlier is the best option, as you will already leave the presale with profit once the token is launched.

Hack-and-Slash RPG Set to Change Play-to-Earn Forever

Investors are rushing to the presale because they believe that the hack-and-slash RPG has the ability to change the future direction of Web3 P2E gaming forever. The game allows players to immerse themselves in dozens of hours of an epic storyline, allowing them to grind for loot and rare equipment to craft weapons of magic and iron. Along the journey, players will be able to master a wide variety of weapons and build devastating attack combinations to progress through the game.

The game is free-to-play with blockchain features and earning mechanics integrated. The team is on a mission to make the game accessible to everybody by removing all the barriers to entry that previous P2E games faced. In addition, the team intends to attract its audience through fun gameplay rather than drawing a player base seeking to earn an income.

As a result, Swords of Blade removes itself from the play-to-earn label and seeks to adopt a new concept – Play-to-Win and Play-to-Own. The game is designed to focus on a player’s long-term retention and monetization through its multiplayer tournament features. Every player has the chance to earn in the game by being an active community member, participating in regular tournaments, and minting legendary items to sell as Game Utility Tokens (NFTs) on the marketplace.

Built on Solid Foundations and MVP Ready to Play

Swords of Blood gained so much traction quickly because it’s building on a solid foundation from a previous game that attracted over four million downloads. Its predecessor was unfinished, but Hit Box Games acquired the rights to republish the game to integrate new features, such as the play-to-own mechanics. They’re also allowed to release a 150-hour expansion pack – written by team members from AAA games, such as Cyberpunk, the Witcher, and Command & Conquer – and introduce a new micro esports tournament.

In addition to the solid foundations, investors are joining the presale because the team has shown its capability of delivering its vision after releasing an MVP version of the game. The MVP is fully playable and includes a wide variety of game modes, like the main campaign, which comes with three difficulty tiers. There’s also a Monster Hunt Dungeon in the MVP, allowing players to test their skills against waves of progressively difficult monsters. Furthermore, the MVP has a wide range of multiplayer features, such as the play-vs-player mode – allowing players to go head-to-head to rank on a leaderboard for weekly prizes.

Overall, Swords of Blood intends to become a community-centric MMORPG game as the team intends to roll out many more multiplayer features.

Just One Week Until Price Hikes

With under seven days to go until the first stage of the presale ends, this is your last chance to get involved in the Swords of Blood presale before the price increases from 0.054 USDT to 0.07 USDT.

The SWDTKN itself is tied to the game, providing a plethora of utility for its growth. All fines, fees, and rewards on the platform will be paid in the native token. Furthermore, players must purchase the token to get past certain hero levels and advance in the game. As a result, there won’t be any players reaching the game’s final stages that haven’t previously bought SWDTKN. Lastly, the token can be used to trade commodities, characters, skins, and other NFTs on the marketplace.

Overall, Swords of Blood presents a fantastic opportunity to invest in Web3’s next smash hit before the mainstream audience learns about it.

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