We are pleased to announce that SOLAREX will be listed on the 25th/02/2021 in Sistemkoin.

💡Solarex is Building an Innovative, Disruptive, Decarbonised, Decentralised, and Democratised Blockchain Solar Energy Ecosystem that will Solve the Following problems :
🚫The absence of grid power in remote locations
🚫Safety and Reliability
🚫Environmental and Public health hazards
🚫Adaptability and resilience
🚫Unaffordable energy cost
🚫Centralized grid issues
🚫Market entry barriers

Solarex official website:

The Project is designed to address the mammoth energy crises in Africa by the use of solar energy ecosystem 🌞🌞💡💡that is clean and affordable for everyone. please take a look at our website, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and spread the word!…kindly click on the links below…


Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/solarexico
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Solarex_ICO
Telegram: https://t.me/SolarexICO

For partnership, marketing proposals or general queries, please email us: info@solarex.io

Airdrop distribution continue until 20/02/2021

We have started bounty distribution for randomly selected hunters and we shall continue to distribute until 22/02/2021