SHIB Price Destined To Flip The Downtrend, Are Whales Accumulating Ahead Of A 20% Surge?


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   The meme coin community has set its aspirations for a bullish leg-up on the prominent meme coin Shiba Inu. In hope of SHIB initiating a similar run from October, where fellow meme coins had followed suit. The yearn for a moonish price surge intensifies following the buzz around Shiba Inu and Turkey. The buzz in the business sees the involvement of a host of rumours around the same.

In the interim, an advocate of Doge-killer Shiba Inu debunks the rumours around the meeting. And clarifies his opinions around a myriad of questions that revolve around the SHIB community. On the other hand, amidst the spike in big money buys, and ETH whale accumulates over 50 Billion SHIB. Which instils optimism amongst troops in the community.

Are Whales Accumulating In View Of A Major Event?

Shib Informer debunks the rumours and misunderstandings revolving around Shiba Inu And Turkey, through his social media handle. The informer cites that, there has been no formal deal of Shiba Inu with any government. And that the meeting was a friendly approach to the Turkish government officials.

The proponent opines that SHIB is not yet ready to become the official currency of any nation. And that Shibarium/SHI/Shibanet would provide the requisite expandability to make it right. The advocate in the thread cites that the meetings would be beneficial for the Shib army.  

In the interim, Shiba Inu is currently the second-largest investment held by top ETH whales. According to some sources, whale transactions of SHIB have risen by 11% over the day. Whale Stats suggests that an ETH whale has bought 50,736,574,302 SHIB, which tallies to $ 1,106,564. The very previous day, the business had come across a buy order worth 49.65 SHIB. 

Shiba Inu’s Paw Prints On The Price Chart!  

SHIB price at the time of press is changing hands at $ 0.00002194 with gains of 1.6%. Whilst the market cap hovers around numbers at $ 12,058,675,276. The volume of trades for around the clock is at $ 440,220,856. SHIB price has been ranging in the bandwidth from the lows of $ 0.00002142 to the highs of $ 0.00002250.

Concluding, while SHIB has not come across a major adoption or acceptance, the move is praiseworthy. As efforts in the right direction could bear results in the near future. That said, we can now look forward to listings like that on Robinhood, following the executive order. Which can potentially push SHIB’s price towards a double-digit rally.

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