PUBG Mobile India Returns With A Rs 6 Crore Prize Pool

PUBG Mobile India returns with a Rs 6 crore prize pool. Fans of PUBG Mobile India are ecstatic about the game’s return to the country after the developers announced that PUBG Mobile will return as a specifically tailored Indian version of the game, PUBG Mobile India.

A report has added to the excitement stating that the game developers may organise PUBG Mobile India tournaments with as much as Rs 6 crore prize pools. PUBG Mobile India will reportedly be released before the end of year.

According to a professional PUBG Mobile gamer who goes by the name GHATAK, the first prize for a PUBG Mobile India tournament will be 6 crores. He also said that professional PUBG Mobile India players’ will see an increase in salaries once the game is launched in the country.

PUBG creators have said that they will invest heavily in hosting esports leagues exclusively for India. GHATAK said that the minimum salary of Tier 1 PUBG Mobile India gamers will be around Rs 40,00 to Rs 2,00,000.

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