Is This How Deathcross Turned Bullish For Polkadot? Will DOT Price Make It To By February?


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The coin market is now surfacing from the doom of bears, as the business recovers at a steady pace. The greener monetary statistics apace with the sprawling utility and developments have instilled faith of traders and diamond hands over digital assets. In contrast, the crypto town has now come across an unnatural event, as Polkadot beats the odds.

Consecutively, Polkadot has managed to dodge the death cross, courtesy of which comes from the launch of Moonbeam to Polkadot. The Moonbeam’s launch to Polkadot has received notable virtues, making the parachain auctions a successful event. The Polkadot community has been rejoicing the success of the event and is now looking forward to more projects following suit.

Moonbeam A Blessing In Disguise For Polkadot?

  Moonbeam is now the first fully operational parachain on Polkadot. The parachain has escorted multiple integrations and adoptions in just a day since its launch.

The overwhelming count of influxes includes the integration of the Connext network, which will enable users to transfer assets to and from Moonbeam directly from other L2s and sidechain systems.

The next one comes as Zenlink goes live on Moonbeam, the initiative will provide liquidity incentives for GLMR tokens and assets cross-chained from other blockchain networks to the Moonbeam network.

In addition, the Axelar network has commenced rolling out of its public MainNet launch.​ The network will deploy to Moonbeam & Polkadot as part of its multi-chain strategy. That will bring decentralized interoperability to the network. ​

The Moonbeam network apart from deploying smart contracts in the Ethereum compatible parachain in the Polkadot ecosystem. And being a host to the escalating number of integrations and adoptions has managed to debunk the death cross. Consecutively, Polkadot has been scripting impressive gains of 10%, with the price at $ 26.67 at press time.

On the contrary, the team has been striving towards Web3.0, crowd loans, and releasing more parachains. As part of its efforts, the team will be discussing some of the present crowd loan projects and parachain auctions.

Alongside the tactics, they will be implementing for parachains, on the 13th of January. In addition, the team will also be hosting a meet-up in Chile, Santiago on the 14th of January, to discuss Web3.0 and the initiatives for 2022.

Concluding, Polkadot is emerging as a potential alternative to other alternatives and utility chains. Polkadot and parachains are now spelled in a symphony, as the parachains have outgrown the expectations of many. With more projects like Moonbeam in place, Polkadot could embark on its summit to the top-5 cryptos list in near future.

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