Interview: Uniris CEO Dupont Talks Scalability, Security, Strategy And Their Role In The 2024 Olympics

Uniris is a blockchain-based biometric ID authentication solution which allows users to take ownership of their personal identification data without loss of privacy. 4 years of research and 12 international patents later, Uniris breaks with precursor solutions by improving technology attributes in scalability, speed, security and sustainability.

Designed for mass adoption, Uniris is based on a new consensus of unbreakable ARCH (Atomic Rotating Commitment Heuristic) validation which allows an unlimited number of transactions. Using the venous network of the finger, Uniris embeds biometric, tamper-proof identification, validated over the blockchain, hence giving users control over their identities.

Uniris CEO Sebastien Dupont gives us more insights on the Uniris ID authentication solution and their involvement in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Can you speak a bit on the 2024 Paris Olympics security strategy and how Uniris fits in with it and other large scale events?

Uniris will be providing the first crypto-biometric technology that is able to secure and authorize a fully decentralized identity. It is inherently GDPR compliant and provides a self-sovereign identity-based access. To handle the scale required for global mega-events, Uniris will provide a super-fast, scalable, and adaptable blockchain (organization/habilitation mapping). So, in summary, Uniris will be able to provide a secure, scalable, fully decentralized, adaptable, friction-less solution that is also sustainable due to its low energy consumption.

How is personal data managed with Uniris and how has/will the use-case apply to various industries?

Inside Uniris Blockchain, the data remains in the ownership of the user (everything encrypted with the user’s crypto-biometric keys). We have developed an advanced way to manage decentralized identity interaction with suppliers like Google, websites, IoT, etc. where the users will always have the final word about their supplier identity management (a specific transaction chain owned by the user will be shared with each supplier) and the users will be able to decide to remove/selectively share as they wish.

The identity management use-case is applicable for various industry domains and we are actively engaged in use-cases related to secure access, Smart City/IoT, industrial automation and P2P marketplace.

Has COVID-19 impacted your operations, and operating model and if so, how?

Uniris is building a truly decentralized world and hence there was absolutely no impact to our operations due to COVID-19. Our belief in autonomy and decentralization was the secret sauce that kept us going during this crisis. Our team members are dispersed in different cities of the world and are fully empowered to do the needful for the success of Uniris since we can only win it together. Work-From-Home was the norm for us even before the pandemic hence operationally there was no impact.

Furthermore, in terms of business, COVID-19 proved the need of a remote and proven identity to help the society to go on during a worldwide virus crisis. This is one of the core tenets of Uniris and this pandemic has just provided the required urgency to fast-track our business plans.

What is a decentralized identity and how could it work for the average person?

The aim of Uniris is to remove all complexity and insecurity from computer science.

Every person’s digital persona consists of numerous identities. Technically the infinite number of identities for a specific person will be derived from his/her keychain wallet and will be based on mutual crypto authentication.

In summary, everything will be automated to provide a fully transparent interaction whatever the end point (airport, google, car, house, wallet etc.).

How does your automated currency destruction work and why would I want to own a crypto with this mechanism as an investor?

Crypto economics are governed by the universal principle of supply and demand. Furthermore, the finite supply based crypto currencies are deflationary in nature. The supply and demand balance creates value for investors and all users of the platform. The finite supply along with the burn mechanism (currency destruction) helps in controlling the supply and catalyzes the deflationary forces. When you combine that with an increasing demand fueled by mega-events like Rugby World Cup 2023 and Olympics 2024 leads to rapid value augmentation. This is a desirable state for crypto value and hence attractive to crypto investors.

As explained in our white paper, the destruction of UCOs will be directly built inside the mining process (part of the fees will be burned). This is transparent for the users of the platform and does not affect their transactions or their holdings. The burn happens from the part of the transaction fees only and hence helps in decreasing the UCOs in circulation in a gradual and programmed manner. As explained, the value of a crypto currency is only based on demand/supply – thus the importance of that kind of burn mechanism is to systematically reduce the supply and hence systemically increase the value of each UCO.

What are Uniris’ core beliefs and why should investors look to your project when compared against other projects?

Uniris gives back to humanity the control over technology and each individual control over their identity. Uniris is a result of 4 years of research and we started before the 2017-18 ICO boom when many projects were flooding the market with flimsy white papers and hollow promises. We have been patient and transparent in our approach. We have taken time to get academic validation of our research concepts before making a foray into the market. Today we are confident about offering value to our investors through

  1. An integrated services platform that offers use-cases capable of replacing any current service (bank, contract management, marketplace, website hosting, email, voting, etc.)
  2. Strong blockchain technology assets validated by researchers and patents
  3. Only blockchain providing native biometric authentication, inherently GDPR compliant
  4. Strong team of experts from security, payments, academic and business strategy domains

How would you sum up your and Uniris’ mission?

Here are the three objectives that guide me and the vision of Uniris:

  1. Provide a better world – more decentralized and more fair
  2. Make technologies accessible to the greatest number of people and remove all the associated complexity and insecurity
  3. Create value for our investors who believed in us and helped us to develop this path-breaking solution

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