How Innovative NFT Technology will Unleash the Potential of This Brave New Market

Crypto ain’t got nothing on NFTs. For sheer degenerate thrill, something more insane than shorting bitcoin, more YOLO than buying out of the money calls with 24 hour expiry, and more buzzy than your paycheck on roulette – it’s shovelling hard earned cash into a picture of an ape, a pixel blur, or a anime girl, and watch it springboard meteorically at 100% a minute under the trumpets of a Twitter storm and the frantic rumours about the presence of a Bored Ape in the chat; your Discord going off like an airstrike.

All the while, you’re wondering what it is you actually bought, your eyes blurring transfixed at the avalanche of text and rocket emojis that barrel down chat, a cacophonous screeching about the rollercoaster floor, the dead-eyed rarity snipers head-shooting paper handed targets, and the capricious yet beneficent reign of the lurking whales. It’s a thrilling place to be, even when caught in the crossfire of a gas war.

In short. It’s insane. And also insanely good fun.

Why NFTs are a Bit ‘too’ Mad

To say the NFT space is ‘not perfect’ is about as useful as saying bitcoin is ‘ancient tech.’ Even one casual glance at the NFT space reveals it for what it is, an arcane wasteland of mass movements that frisson in being as spectacularly and rapidly as they plummet through the ‘FLOAR!’ At the merest whisper not all is well with a project. Yet there are other problems with the NFT space. Crippling transaction costs on Ethereum strangling markets and locking out creators, nefarious gas wars that doom collections, and botted mints and market manipulators. Add to this a struggling seam of websites that throttle under load, sell fakes, and display incorrect pricing – and that’s just the marketplace websites.

These issues are a lot more solvable, and this is where NFT Tech’s groundbreaking new platform will onramp more artists into the space, connect them directly with their fans and NFT traders, all the while the liquidity provided by NFT Tech holders giving a quick-fire, fast flowing marketplace for this new Renaissance. 

NFT Technology To Empower the Market

NFT Tech offers a total marketplace experience. Users can mint NFTs and list them for free within the ecosystem. Choosing whether to list at a set price or throw them open to a clamorous auction from the collectors. Collectors can choose from a dizzying array of NFTs and the market will decide where the hype is, rather than having to search out gated individual projects and get on whitelists. If it’s good, it’ll sell, and the buzz will occur naturally. 

Creators and Collectors both participate using $ NFTT, NFT Tech’s signature token. Users can also stake $ NFTT within the ecosystem to earn a yield from the fees collected as trading on the marketplace erupts. NFTs are stored on NFT Tech’s custom-built blockchain that’s been optimised to focus on the speed and operation of the marketplace, with authenticity guaranteed.

Share Your NFTs Everywhere

Of course, NFTs minted on NFT Tech’s Super Chain can be migrated to the Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain’s to join users’ collections. Yet it’s not an option many will take, as NFT Tech includes a glorious virtual collection display that lets users admire the gems of their collection. You’ll be able to easily share your collection online with friends and anyone who wants to see it, and, who knows, maybe get a buyer.

NFT Tech also has a liquidity matching engine. This allows users to swap NFTs directly – like trading cards. The market assigns all pieces a relative value within the ecosystem and, if the participants are happy with the trade, it’s as easy as a few clicks of a button. Of course, the user doesn’t need to take the trade. However, this abundant liquidity provider by stakers of NFTT will allow for the creation of a bid order book system for NFTs – akin to something you might find on a centralised exchange like Coinbase or Binance.

Now Find Time for NFT Tech’s IDO!

The NFT space is growing. Soaring examples like CryptoPunks, Bored Apes and MetaBaes and underpinned by hundreds of thriving micro-communities seeking to make projects grow, and make themselves a bit – or a lot – of money in the process. Individual artists and meme creators minting and selling their works have also seen meteoric price tags. What’s left for the market is an all-in-one experience that NFT Tech provides. 

The IDO is about to occur, but it’s not too late. In fact, you’re right on time. On the 21st October, $ NFTT will launch on the market-leading DEX Uniswap, ready to be gobbled up by whoever is there at the right time: 2pm UTC. Whoever is will be sure to make massive gains as they unlock the full possibilities of the liquidity matching engine and fuel a bright new – and game-changing – economy in the NFT space. Why? Because NFT Tech has, well, the best tech. It will fix the (solvable) idiosyncrasies of the NFT market and let this budding new era of digital art truly get underway.

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