Helium Price Prediction: Will HNT Cross The Mark This 2022?

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In a world where IoT and Artificial Intelligence are transforming the world, what can be a better choice than Helium when it comes to cryptocurrencies. The price of HNT left everyone broken all the bars when it first crossed the $ 50 mark in November 2021.

Helium is a decentralized network for IoT devices built on blockchain. HNT is the product’s virtual currency. It is a reward system for node owners. The Helium network intends to optimize infrastructure and construction supply chain logistics.

Since its inception in 2013, it has been functioning to recognize deficiencies in the existing infrastructure. Moreover, HNT will commence new projects and sign contracts with leading companies in the coming years, bolstering its financial position. So now, let’s dive straight into the price analysis and future scope of HNT!


Price $ 13.04
All-time High $ 55.22
All-time Low $ 0.25
Trading volume $ 18,890,649
Market Cap $ 1,849,841,919
ROI +5693.3%

Helium (HNT) Price Prediction For 2022

Potential low Average Price Potential high
$ 32.94 $ 35.91 $ 40.2

HNT price had pushed its course to 2022, following an uptrend, with its price at $ 39. The price had turned down from $ 39 to straight $ 31 until January 10. With rollercoaster to fall $ 22 by January 24. But fell on the ground and again rose to $ 27 by January 31. 

The altcoin traded around $ 27 until February 4, when it provoked a leg-down to up to $ 22 by February 10. Also, the pinpoint was felt for a short time as tumult in the industry pulled the price down to its quarterly bottom at $ 20 in March. 

While HNT’s price juggled between its resistance levels, it touched $ 22 in the first week of March. After that, the HNT price again felt the height of $ 26 in mid-April. However, it is tumbling down constantly from around April 12 to reaching $ 12 on April 29.

HNT could achieve $ 40 due to upcoming partnerships and projects, giving investors a golden possibility to try their fortune. If HNT continues at its current rate path, it could attain $ 40 through the close of 2022. This may steadily increase during 2022, but it may slow down later.

Helium’s (HNT) Price Prediction For Q2 

Looking at the bearish market moves, the price of HNT in the second quarter can touch the minimum impetus of $ 27. The virtual asset will have to forge successive highs to stick to this upwards leg-up. With skyrocketing volumes, the token could also touch the heights of the quarter, attaining a price of $ 31. A force of the bears could potentially drag down the price below $ 20.

HNT Price Forecast For Q3

HNT price would surely need an accelerator from its community, adopters, etc. The stimuli will be crucial in creating a base level of a minimum of $ 30.06. If the price keeps going up, the highest price target would be $ 35. On the other hand, the potential market crash might drive the price below $ 31.04. However, regular practices may show up for $ 29.84.

Helium’s Prediction For Q4

For the fourth quarter, the price of Helium is anticipated to get an intermediate monthly limitation of $ 35.91. At the same time, the coin will trade between a maximum of $ 38.39 to $ 40 and can maintain a minimum of $ 32.94. If the network has a successful implementation of a blockchain-based 5G network on Helium, the price could roll up to reach $ 40.2

HNT Price Forecast For 2023

The team plans to deploy over $ 2 billion in sensors by 2023, which could help the HNT token experience a tremendous high. Most indications predict a promising future for Helium, with long-term price predictions revealing a significant transition by 2030. 

Helium holds high hopes for its investors and community, and longings for Helium. By the end of the year, it could go as high as $ 51.3. On the flip side, negative trends could slash the price down to $ 39.099. That said, with average trade pressures, the price could settle at $ 45.824

Price Prediction For The Next 5 Years

Traders and investors have already commenced placing bets on long-term Helium prices, which they are actively watching. After five years, Helium could no longer be an innocent contestant on the planet of cryptocurrencies. The implementation of HNT will indeed expand dramatically. Successively, the HNT price could most likely reach a maximum of $ 84.57. Conversely, negative criticism and emerging rivals could bring the price down to $ 49.025.

Year Potential low Potential high
2023 $ 39.099 $ 51.3
Next 5 years $ 49.025 $ 84.57

What does the market say?

Helium (HNT) puts plenty of action to help communities by creating non-profit collaborations and alliances. Also, Experts are very ambitious about the coin motion, asserting that it does have a prosperous future in front of it.

Trading Beasts

According to current reports, the Helium network strives to delegate the community to a whole new level, with around 8600 hotspots installed in over 1800 municipalities. According to the technical analysis and forecast, the price of Helium may cross $ 34.77 by the end of the year 2024. 

By the beginning of December 2022, the Helium (HNT) price is anticipated to attain $ 22.239 as per the data by Trading beasts. The highest standard price is $ 28.267, while the lowest usual price is $ 19.222. Helium is envisioned to cost $ 22.614 by the end of the month.

Wallet Investor

According to Wallet Investor’s Helium forecast, the future price of Helium tokens is tossed for rising; the price forecast for 2026 is $ 147.283. The sales are expected to be somewhere +601.72 percent after a 5-year investment.

Digital Coin Price

According to the technical analysis from Digital Coin Price. HNT’s price will fling to around $ 29.30 by the end of the year 2022. And $ 36.39 by 2026, proving it to be a profitable investment.


Helium has been trending positively and has shown long-term profit possibility. According to the HNT price prediction from Gov.Capital. The future price of Helium (HNT) is expected to be $ 110.832 just after a year.

What is Helium?

The Internet of Things is the primary focus of Helium. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a grid of interconnected devices with detectors and sensors that observe their surroundings. 

The users of Helium purchase a router/miner which unites similar devices in their respective zone. At the same time, the hardware owner simultaneously mines tokens. These help in forming a peer-to-peer decentralized Mesh Network for IoT data to flow.

Helium is made up of several various components. There’s a router, a crypto-miner, and a token. Moreover, Helium’s hardware specifications comply with all FCC guidelines for employing public frequencies so that its users do not have to worry about security issues. Majorly, no special radio licenses are demanded because the network already broadcasts on the unlicensed US-915 frequency.

Fundamental Analysis

Three developers, Shawn Fanning, Amir Haleem, and Sean Carey, made their minds to build the Helium decentralized network in 2013. Helium represents a new approach that the terminal users also add to network infrastructure. The Helium Blockchain technology helps customers to mine its HNT token with their networking equipment as an opportunity to encourage network hardware.

Besides, Helium is also constructing a massive data network that spans. Generally, such a large infrastructure project requires millions and millions of dollars and a millennium of government authorizations. The recent Helium project rollout got underway in Austin, Texas, with just a bunch of 100 devices. Three years from now, there are presently 20,000 worldwide across 3,000 metropolia. 

The game-changer would be that there is much more to all of that. Whether this crowd-sourced model proves successful will represent a sea change in how civilization approaches global building projects. This is now the pinnacle of decentralization. The United States of America has 90% scope in thirty significant cities and provides 80% coverage in about 100+ others. More often, Helium has begun to consolidate on creating the network in two big territories, China and Europe.

Our Price Prediction For Helium

Helium holds a good use case, reasonably planned tokenomics, a dynamic community, and a reliable crew after it. Each feature plays a crucial role in its success. According to Coinpedia’s formulated prediction, by the end of 2022, the price of HNT could acquire a height of $ 40. In contrast, if the latest and forthcoming features do not deliver the expected results, the price may fall behind to $ 32.

Historical market sentiments


The previous corporation was formed in 2013, but it had no interest in blockchain. Before they ‘saw the sunshine,’ they attempted numerous strategies to tackle the network equipment problem. They weren’t a cryptocurrency startup, and their project doesn’t prevail solely online. The token was launched on July 29, 2019. Since then, it has captured the spotlight.

The HNT token started well enough, trading around $ 0.50 initially and rising to $ 2.00 within two months. The HNT coin was launched for $ 0.25. The coin’s worth began to grow in August 2020, attaining just over $ 1. Price sank back to $ 1.25 the subsequent month, increasing to $ 2.00 by October 2020.


The price of HNT has been steadily increasing since February 2021, reaching $ 18. The HNT coin’s price then fluctuated between $ 18 and $ 12. On May 28, 2021, HNT hit an all-time high of $ 23. The price then gradually dropped to $ 10 before rising again. 

The price then dropped to $ 9, on August 10th, 2021. The cost of HNT reached $ 18.5 due to a $ 111 million investment in the Helium project by Andreessen Horowitz’s crypto fund. Which included Ribbit 10T Holdings, Alameda Research, and Multicoin Capital.


Q: Is Helium worth buying?

A: Factoring in the risks associated, Helium is undoubtedly a good investment for the long term.

Q: How much will Helium be worth by the end of 2022?

A: Helium’s price could go as high as $ 40.2, by the end of 2022.

Q: How high can Helium go by the next five years?

A: HNT price could surge to a maximum of $ 84.57, by the end of the next five years.

Q: Where can I buy Helium?

A: Helium is available for trade across prominent exchanges such as Binance, FTX, Coinbase, etc…

Q: What is Proof-of-Coverage, which is used by Helium?

A: Proof-of-Coverage is a unique work algorithm that employs radio waves. Accountable for delivering a legitimate wireless range for doing various work on blockchain.

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