GSX – Redefining crypto investments by offering unprecedented growth and stability

Every year, investors review their investment options to increase benefits and mitigate risks. However, most existing investment options come with several risks that bring losses. For example, stock markets have been the best investment for years; however, they face market crashes periodically. Moreover, other investments, including cryptocurrency investments, face volatility risks. 

In 2014, the crypto space introduced stablecoins, which have an asset to back their value and hedge against crypto volatility. Some crypto companies use fiat, while others use cryptocurrencies to support the investment. However, stablecoins success has experienced challenges because of the same backing assets. 

Fiat and cryptocurrencies come with risks that disqualify them from backing a viable, stable currency. 

Inflation in Fiat Backed Stablecoins

USD tether aimed to provide a fiat-crypto bridge and bring stability in finance. USD, one of the most reliable fiat currencies, backs Tether’s value. The collateralization ratio of the US dollar to Tether is 1:1. However, this fiat collateralization doesn’t provide a full guarantee of the stability of the Tether’s value.

Unfortunately, fiat assets, including the most versatile fiat currency of all time, the US dollar, experiences inflation periodically. For instance, in the year ending July 2020, the US dollar experienced a 1% inflation rate. All coins backed with these inflationary fiats face high inflation risks.

Volatility in Cryptocurrency Backed Stablecoins

In cryptocurrency backing, the companies use over-collateralization protocols to hedge against possible risks. 

However, using ethereum or other cryptocurrencies to back a stablecoin doesn’t guarantee the full safety of the investors’ value. The cryptocurrency business is highly volatile, meaning that investors can lose humongous amounts of their value in a few hours. 

Moreover, the crypto industry faces periodic market manipulation, which may adversely affect the cryptocurrencies’ prices. Since the crypto-backed stablecoins value is pegged to cryptocurrency, the stablecoin might lose value when the backing asset loses value.

Gold Secured Currency

GSX is a product of Apollo fintech and is hosted on the Apollo blockchain. The currency merges cryptocurrency and stable coin features by adopting the stability of a stablecoin and the increasing value of a cryptocurrency. The merging ensures the currency hedges against both volatility and inflation. 

GSX Hedging Against All Risks

Gold Backing

To hedge against inflation, GSX brings a unique form of asset backing; gold backing. Gold, as the security for GSX, provides full safety of the value of the coins. Gold is a deflationary asset; it can, therefore, maintain its value for a long duration. 

Gold’s high and increasing annual demand bolsters its liquidity and value. The price increase in gold means perpetual value increases for GSX too.

Gold-Rich Land 

Apollo fintech controls over 3000 acres of gold and mineral rich land in Zimbabwe. Moreover, the fintech company continually purchases more land to expand its businesses. GSX holders have full ownership over all gold mining land. 

The land never loses value; instead, it perpetually increases in value. The cumulative appreciation value of land, when used in stablecoins backing, ensures that the assets remain of high value. The cost of the land and the appreciating amount make GSX a deflationary currency.

Moreover, Apollo fintech predicts a 500% value rise in assets by 2021. The rise will further bolster GSX’s value.

Furthermore, GSX holders will enjoy annual benefits in terms of dividends. The dividends are the profits of the mining business by Apollo fintech. 


Ease of Selling

All GSX holders get an easy way of selling their GSX stablecoin and receive fiat in return. That is because of Apollo institutes exchange platforms like the Knox exchange, which operates 24/7. 

Moreover, Apollo plans to launch an even better wallet, a universal wallet to fasten the buying or selling of the stablecoin. 

The Backing Technology

GSX enjoys the Apollo blockchain hub, the most prolific blockchain in the crypto space. The blockchain comes with a whole world of new technologies to improve service delivery to GSX holders.

  • The updater- This function ensures that security and other updates are sent to all blockchain ends. The technology is entirely new in the crypto space since several blockchains have tried it without success. Regular updates will give more security to holders. 
  • Quantum resistance- Also known as quantum-proof, is safe against attacks by quantum computers. The Apollo blockchain is the first to implant quantum-proof in its system, making GSX the only quantum-safe stablecoin.
  • Adaptive forging- The technique ensures that the creation of blocks happens when transactions are underway. Therefore the blockchain remains scalable, translating to faster GSX transactions.

Safety and Transparency of Transactions

GSX operates in an open, transparent blockchain. However, the holders enjoy end to end encryption of their transactions. They use a technology similar to Zk SNARKs to encrypt all transactions.

Final Word

GSX proves to be the ultimate, most reliable investment of all time. The currency is the only non-inflationary and non-volatile stablecoin. To bolster its strength against inflation, GSX uses a unique asset backing; gold and gold-rich land. Gold as an asset is deflationary and non-volatile. 

Moreover, the dividends, trust backing, appreciation value, and other profits will boost the coins’ value, ensuring that GSX’s value grows. Since Apollo offers the Knox exchange platform, exchanging this boundless currency is easy. Moreover, Apollo blockchain has state of the art technology that maximizes the benefits of GSX users. GSX is, therefore, the ultimate crypto investment hedging against inflation and volatility.

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