Founder interview with George from Jungle Freaks

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Dear George, thanks for taking the time to join me in this interview to educate our community on Jungle Freaks. Can you give us a brief introduction to you? What is your story, dating back as far as you wish?

Hey guys and thank you for having me on. As far as I can remember I’ve been a creative kid. Always loved to draw, loved graphic design and loved coming up with stories back by cool art.

I’ve been involved with crypto since 2016. Dabbled with ETH, BTC, LTC, and some other altcoins.

During the summer of 2021 I was introduced to NFTs and discovered BAYC. Although I did not pull the trigger I did become very interested, almost obsessed with the space. In August of 2021 I came up with the idea for Jungle Freaks and we were off to the races.

The hours were long, the DMs sent to just about every big name in the space were endless. By early October we were ready to go and we ultimately launched on October 13th and were lucky enough to sell out fairly quickly.

Fast forward to now and we have one of the strongest communities in the space and very exciting roadmap for holders. We couldn’t be more excited for the future.

Why did you get involved in the cryptocurrency industry, and where do you think the industry will be in 5–10 years?

I love the idea of decentalization and the ability for really anyone with a computer/phone and internet to have access to it.

Web3 has given opportunity to so many individuals and i feel like we’re just getting started.

The future is extremely bright for the future so in the next 5–10 years I think the industry will be much more widely accepted and a part of everyday life.

That’s amazing. Now can you give us an introduction to Jungle Freaks and its history?

I had the idea to start Jungle Freaks back in mid-August 2021. I was watching so many projects with not so good art, a mediocre roadmap and a non doxxed team which lead to me witnessing tons of rug pulls.

I knew we could bring something to the table much different with 100% hand drawn art that starts with a pencil and paper. You can feel the authenticity with our art which our community loves.

So how did you get started with Jungle Freaks, and why? Early on, did you see an opportunity to fill a void in the market?

During the summer of 2021 I was intoruced to NFTs and discovered BAYC. Although I did not pull the trigger I did become very interested, almost obsessed with the space. In August of 2021 I came up with the idea for Jungle Freaks and we were off to the races.

I felt there was definitely a void in the market for good art with a project that had a rock solid roadmap.

What has been the biggest challenges for you and Jungle Freaks since you started the project?

I’d say the one of biggest challenges has been scaling at the pace everyone expects you to. Obviously building takes time and whether you’re trying to roll out a game or a new mint or a new marketplace, these things take time.

Finding a balance between pushing as fast as we can and delivering quality products and services has been what we’ve been focusing on.

Understood. Now what has been your greatest achievement thus far, and what has been the biggest failure or setback personally or in the history of the company?

I think my greatest achievement thus far is building such an incredible community around and within the project. The individuals holding inside the JF ecosystem are some of the most creative and intelligent individuals in the space who are always adding value and suggestions to how we can make this project even better.

What is the next step for Jungle Freaks in the next 1–2 years?

Over the next 1–2 years we will be entering various metaverses as well as continuing to build and really put the decision making back into the holders hands.

We will be rolling out a DAO shortly after our Gen 2 // Fallout Freaks drop on May 25th which we are super excited about.

Where can people support your business? Other than that, thank you for your time — any final words?

You can find both our JF Genesis & Jungle Freaks Motor Club on both OpenSea as well as LookRare!


JF Motor Club

Jungle Freaks Motor Club | LooksRare

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