eXRD Tokens Are Now Trading on Uniswap

Before we discuss why you should buy eXRD via Uniswap tokens right now, we ought to briefly present Radix. 

Radix is a high-potential blockchain project, aiming to build a layer-1 solution that’s specifically designed to sustain the long-term growth of the DeFi market. The network is therefore scalable, secure, and fully decentralized. It does this by implementing an advanced consensus mechanism and by aiding developers in their dApp creation efforts. Users are highly-incentivized to create liquidity through a series of lucrative programs. 

What’s the deal with e-Radix tokens and why should I care?

Radix held a highly-successful token sale back in October. The project quickly ran out of tokens to sell, so the event was cut short. Many users were still interested in purchasing eXRD tokens, thereby creating an unsatisfied demand. 

Today, Radix is distributing the eXRD tokens that were previously purchased. These tokens are now up for grabs on Uniswap, so there’s an increased supply at the moment. The demand is high, so today’s prices likely won’t remain this low for too long. 

We’re currently seeing a market cap of approximately $ 1.5 million for eXRD on Uniswap. Due to this low market cap, users can purchase quite a lot of tokens right now without paying too much. For the sake of comparison, AVA launched with a market cap of $ 87M, NEO with $ 1.11B, Tezos with $ 1.55B, EOS with $ 2.37B, Polkadot with $ 3.86B, and Ether with a whopping $ 50B. 

Take a step back and consider this: What would your crypto holdings value look like if you purchased ETH at a market cap of only $ 1.5M? You’d be able to get your hands on thousands of tokens at a low price, a goal that’s basically unattainable right now. But it can happen by buying e-Radix!

Okay, Radix is innovative and has quickly sold its tokens – but why should I buy eXRD? 

Radix has created an exciting liquidity mining program, boasting a gamified approach. Users are therefore incentivized to generate liquidity by staking eXRD tokens. 

The program has often been referred to as highly lucrative. And this makes perfect sense when you take a look at the staking multiplier. So, when you stake for at least 90 days, you get to reap a very high token-based reward ratio, thereby multiplying your holdings. A staking time longer than 90 days is certainly advantageous, but the key element here is to avoid staking below this threshold. By doing so, your rewards will remain in the liquidity pool, and other users will be entitled to receive them. As such, if you trust the project and you control your emotions, you can benefit from people with weak hands selling their tokens before the preset staking period is concluded. 

However, eXRD tokens should not only be purchased for the staking program. After all, if market analyses are to be believed, the eXRD price will increase exponentially in the near future. Why? Because no other tokens from the IEO will be unlocked within the next seven days. In other words, all buyable tokens are now trading on Uniswap. Once they’re sold, there’ll be no more supply, thereby driving the price up.

Due to the contingency price tranche integrations, token value is assured as more tokens will not be unlocked if the price suddenly rises. 

But eXRD is ERC-20! I thought Radix had its own Blockchain

Radix is a blockchain, but it’s only using Ethereum as part of its early tokenomics strategy.  eXRD tokens will be exchanged for Radix coins on a 1:1 ratio as soon as the mainnet is officially launched. In the meantime, you can buy eXRD via Uniswap, and trade or stake the tokens as part of the unique liquidity mining program. 

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