EOS Hacks: EOS Gambling Platforms Taken Advantage Of! 0,000 Stolen

EOS Hacks

Two EOS gambling platforms have been hacked in the last week. An amount totaling $ 250,000 USD. In the same week, another platform, EOSBet, paid out $ 600,000 to one user in a claimed ‘jack-pot,’ though some aren’t so sure. What’s going on? What’s with the EOS hacks?

EOS Hacks

The EOS smart contracts appear to be rather fallible. The first of the EOS hacks happened on DEOSGames. A user named Runningsnail kept winning $ 1,000 payments over and over again. Over a dozen times actually. Runningsnail would deposit 10 EOS and then win the jackpot 30 seconds later. …

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