Earn Weekly Income With Oryen, Pancakeswap, And Spookyswap

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Some of the most popular cryptocurrencies are the millionaire-makers that have made the headlines, attracting novice investors who also want to earn their first million from digital currencies. Over the years, earning money from crypto has grown from trading or selling assets to include passive ways of making gains, such as staking, lending, and liquidity pooling. 

Today, the market is seeing a new generation of crypto assets that offer passive income in a fixed manner. One example of such an asset is Oryen (ORY), the new crypto gem based on the Binance Smart Chain. As such, holding ORY can deliver weekly gains to token holders just like Pancakeswap (CAKE) and Spookyswap (BOO).

Oryen (ORY)

The ORY token stands out from other cryptocurrencies in the market. The minds behind Oryen Network have made passive income generation easy, automatic, and convenient for investors. The protocol utilizes the Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT) system, which allows automatic staking and compounding to take place inside the investor’s wallet.

With these staking activities, ORY investors receive returns with an impressive annual yield of 90%. More interestingly, this rate does not change even when the market is volatile. Oryen has a buffer value contained in the protocol’s Risk-Free Value (RFV) feature, and it also has a treasury to support the price of ORY and ensure the distribution of rewards to token holders.

Pancakeswap (CAKE)

Pancakewap (CAKE) also offers an opportunity to generate weekly passive income. This is a DeFi application that allows users to exchange BEP-20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain, provide liquidity through farming, and earn commissions in return. Using an Automated Market Maker (AMM) model, the project allows users to deposit and trade their funds into a liquidity pool and receive liquidity tokens as a reward.

Spookyswap (BOO)

Another passive income maker is Spookyswap (BOO), which is the decentralized exchange and automated market maker powered by the Fantom Opera network. On the surface, Spookyswap offers users a variety of ways to trade without intermediaries. By bridging different blockchains via built-in cross-chain functionality, users can also earn money across various DeFi protocols. This project also expands into the NFT marketplace, allowing users to mint their own unique NFTs.

The bottom line

With the continuing expansion of DeFi, it is now possible to earn from crypto assets every week. It is an especially ideal time to buy Oryen’s ORY token, which is currently in its initial coin offering (ICO).

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