Delchain launches node on’s dApp computing and storage network

CryptoNinjas » Delchain launches node on’s dApp computing and storage network

Delchain, a digital asset financial services provider, today announced the launch of its core channel node on, a cross-blockchain decentralized storage and computing network. The Delchain node will validate the network and provide storage resources to assist dApps and protocols navigate towards a fully decentralized architecture and replace the centralized components.

The DeFi movement has overtaken the cryptocurrency space in recent months, with the total value locked ballooning from $ 1 billion to over $ 26 billion — indicating 26x growth over a 12-month span. The network infrastructure is custom-built for the DeFi ecosystem, as it provides secure storage and computing to decentralized applications of all chains to help them become fully decentralized.

A regulated financial and corporate services provider, part of the largest private banking group in the Caribbean, Delchain provides financial services to some of the largest crypto entities such as Kraken, Tether, Bitfinex, and more.

At present, dApps are relegated to outdated blockchain architectures and oftentimes use centralized servers like AWS or Google Cloud, making them more prone to outages and exploits.’s fast, reliable, cross-chain solutions influenced the decision of Delchain Limited — the digital asset branch of Deltec Bank — to join the network and realize the benefits of full decentralization while bolstering the network for forthcoming projects.

“ is very excited to host the Delchain node, and to have their support in validating and securing the network,” said Moshe Malawach, Lead Developer and Chief Executive Officer. “Having well-established firms like Delchain operating nodes within our network not only furthers our mission of helping dApps achieve a fully decentralized architecture, but also establishes as a major force in the blockchain space, and a viable solution for projects navigating the DeFi and Web 3.0 movements.”

Following’s December unveiling of the Node Staking and Incentivization program on the network, core channel node operators share a reward pool of 15K ALEPH tokens per day for running these nodes. Operating a core channel node on the network ensures rewards for the node operator even if no storage resources are used.

“This is very exciting for the Delchain team,” added Delchain CEO, Bruno Macchialli. “Supporting’s node infrastructure not only allows us to actively support the decentralized ecosystem but also facilitates full decentralization across the space. Working with is a mutually beneficial decision, and one we anticipate will drive the DeFi space to new heights.”

CryptoNinjas » Delchain launches node on’s dApp computing and storage network