DEA Announces Original Land NFTs For Its PlayMining Metaverse


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Functional nonfungible tokens are set to play a bigger role in the PlayMining Metaverse with the launch of its first collection of “Land NFTs” in the coming months. 

The PlayMining Metaverse is home to popular play-to-earn games such as JobTribes, the card trading game, Puzzle×JobTribes and Lucky Farmer, and is dominated by so-called “Creator Nations”, which can be thought of as different factions within the game.

By allying with a faction, players may find it easier to earn NFT-based assets in the game that can then be sold for cryptocurrencies, allowing them to effectively make a living from playing. 

Users will finally be able to claim citizenship at one of these nations – the Fujiwara Kamui Nation – when the first Land NFTs go on sale in Digital Entertainment Asset’s NFT marketplace in spring. Players will need to purchase or win, DEP tokens to buy the new NFTs.

Designed by the Manga artist Fujiwara Kamui, the NFTs will be a kind of certificate of citizenship within the nation, which bills itself as a world where gods and goddesses coexist with humans and strive to make it better for everyone.

DEA said the launch of the first Land NFTs is an important development for the PlayMining Metaverse, and that later this year each Creator Nation will launch its own NFTs – designed by a famous artist – with various types of functionality. 

With the Land NFTs said to be just the first of many “amazing” NFTs on the way, the PlayMining Universe is looking to grow its community far beyond its existing user base of more than two million registered players and 40,000-odd monthly active users.

The vast majority of its players are based in Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines. 

A spokesperson for the company said he remains convinced that PlayMining’s focus on its creator’s creativity is what makes it unique within the Game-Fi industry. 

“The sale of the Land NFT is an important step in realizing DEA’s vision of protecting the rights and sharing the benefits of creators,” he added. 

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