Creating a Self Development Platform Amongst Many Other Utilities – Trash Panda Gang Focuses on Helping Their Community

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Trash Panda Gang – a collection of 5555 3D hand-drawn NFTs – is now introducing new utilities that complete its transformation into a 360-degree personal and self-development platform with the main goal to help its NFT-holders and members develop in and out of the Metaverse.

The rise of digital entertainment has been a game-changer for both individuals and whole industries. And, while new digital entertainment tools have made the world of gaming more realistic and engaging, they have also led to new mental health issues, such as the recently added to the WHO’s International Classification of Diseases gaming disorder. 

At the same time, when used wisely, gaming and entertaining tools can also be used to boost their community’s health, self-development, and personal growth.

For example, NFTs can promote the gamification of health tracking, making it easier for users to achieve their health goals. NFTs can also support the creation of a dedicated personal-growth virtual space.

Trash Panda Gang, which was born as an exclusive collection of hand-drawn NFTs, is leveraging the health-related aspect of technologies like blockchain, NFT, and metaverse to help their community. They are doing so through several recently-introduced utilities available to their members, including the ones below.

A Membership-Based 360 Personal- and Self-Development Platform

Being much more than a digital art collection, Trash Panda Gang is refocusing its company mission to create a comprehensive platform that can help its users achieve personal growth and self-development. 

The main utility introduced to create this platform is a membership system based on NFT holding. Ultimately, each community member in possession of one of Trash Panda Gang’s drawings will have automatic access to a range of exclusive benefits, including:

  • Self-development events held by industry leaders
  • Motivational speakers and entrepreneurs sharing their experience
  • Weekly workshops tailored to each member’s needs
  • Dedicated Discord channels for members to connect and help each other grow

Trash Panda Gang has also been building a robust network of contacts with alpha groups in the NFT and crypto fields to deliver added value to its community.

A Metaverse Dedicated To Growth, Wellbeing, and Health

Not all Metaverses are created equal, and Trash Panda Gang is restyling its environment to refocus it around health, self-development, and personal growth.

Each NFT-holder part of the Trash Panda Gang community will be able to enjoy unlimited access to exclusive features like a private gym and wellness center. Each member can also access professional care through the dedicated healthcare center. 

The metaverse also fosters emotional health and personal development through Metaverse-based features like motivational speaker events, real estate property viewings, and business debates. 

Ultimately, this new type of Metaverse has all the potential to help users work on each aspect of their lives, including health, career advancement, self-development, wealth-building, and emotional stability.

Growing The Community Stronger With the Right Utilities

While the new Metaverse-based platform is the main utility Trash Panda Gang offers its members, there are many more benefits to come. These include branded merchandise and community-building items.

Additionally, Trash Panda Gang is committed to giving away 50% or more of all secondary royalties to their community, so as to boost each member’s development and provide added value, such as exclusive events, experiences, and workshops.

Definitely go check them out!  Visit their Website and join their Discord today!

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