Covid-19 Vaccine Will Spark Bitcoin ‘Crash’ Says Robert Kiyosaki

Covid-19 vaccine will spark Bitcoin crash, says Robert Kiyosaki. The Rich Dad Poor Dad author calls the United States “bankrupt” as national debt bears $ 27 trillion, listing Bitcoin among the three “best” long-term investments. In a tweet on Sep. 15, Kiyosaki warned that a functional solution to Covid-19 would send safe-haven assets plummeting.

“What happens when vaccine is proven?  Gold silver Bitcoin will CRASH. Buying opportunity” he wrote. He argued that the virus was masking the “real” issues at stake for the United States economy in particular. With $ 26.7 trillion in debt according to monitoring resource U.S. National Debt Clock, much of which appeared via stimulus measures since Covid-19 hit, the country is now “bankrupt.” 

“Real problem NOT Pandemic. Real problem massive US debt. US Bankrupt. $ 28 T balance sheet debt. $ 120 T off balance sheet social obligations,” the tweet reads.

[image: Rich Dad]

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