Careers in Crypto and How to Land Them

Looking for a job in crypto? As cryptocurrency investing continues to rise, the crypto job market inevitably does as well. However, cryptocurrency is still a relatively new idea, so searching for a career might be a bit more challenging than you might expect. 

If you’re searching for a job related to crypto, you might ask yourself questions like: 

  • “What kind of jobs exist in crypto?” 
  • “Are the skills I have currently, marketable in the cryptocurrency industry?” 
  • “What kind of training does someone need to get a job in crypto?” 
  • “Where can I find crypto job listings?” 

These are all important questions to ask when searching for a job in blockchain and you aren’t alone in asking! Listed below are some of the most popular jobs in crypto and how to go about searching for them.

Smart Contract Engineer

Smart contracts have become a vital part of the cryptocurrency success. Smart contracts are pre-written agreements with built-in “if this, then that” logic. These contracts make complicated transactions much simpler. Transactions that traditionally would require long wait periods and outside verification can take place instantly. To develop smart contracts, you’ll need much of the same experience you’d need in other computer programming fields. You’ll need to have a thorough knowledge of various programming languages such as Solidity and Typescript.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have made their way into nearly every field of business. While there are many uses for machine learning development in crypto, a growing use for the deep learning algorithms is for cybersecurity. Exchanges and virtual wallets need to build trust from users, so security is a must. Machine learning has been used frequently in recent years to help protect against hacking into exchanges and wallets. 

Machine learning and artificial intelligence as a whole is a rapidly growing industry. In 2019, “machine learning engineer” was named the best job by Indeed due to its high pay and growth. If you’re looking for creative ways to get involved with high tech and crypto, this is a great option for you.

Cryptocurrency Data Scientist

If you are great at statistics and analysis, you’ll want to look into data science. Data science is extremely important in crypto. As a cryptocurrency data scientist, you’ll aid investors, hedge funds managers, and companies in making good financial decisions. You’ll develop methods to collect unique data sets that inform on digital asset market trends. You’ll also run extensive tests on source data and trading strategies in order to determine what works best for your clients. If you’re into math, this career might be just right for you.

Business Careers

If math or engineering doesn’t sound like your thing, don’t fret. The rapid growth crypto has seen includes normal business sectors as well. If your skills and interest are more compatible with marketing, accounting, management, or sales, there are still roles available to you in crypto. 

Marketing is a great example of ways traditional business professionals can step into the world of cryptocurrency. As crypto startups continue to pop up around the world, they’ll need help getting the word out about their particular product or service. Thus, the need for marketing, PR, and sales increases with each new company. Use the talents you already have in business to get a crypto startup moving forward.

Form a Startup

If none of the options above sound appealing to you, it may be better for you to simply do your own thing. Cryptocurrency offers many solutions to problems the world faces in business and finance, but with the many solutions that come with crypto, there are also many problems that crypto faces keeping it from universal implementation. Some of these problems might involve bridging the gap between those who invest in crypto and those who wish to accept crypto as a form of payment.

Another problem that existed a few years ago had to do with crypto taxes. When the IRS started requiring tax payments on digital assets many were not prepared with the ability or know-how necessary to file. Companies like TaxBit came to the scene with solutions for the average investor in calculating and filing their cryptocurrency taxes.

Similarly, you can seek opportunities in the emerging digital asset industry and fill needs in the market. Utilize a service like FounderJar to help get your startup off the ground. FounderJar can assist new companies in areas they might otherwise struggle with. They can also help keep you organized so you can fast-track your new blockchain business.

Where to Look

Now that you have an idea of what crypto jobs are out there, it’s time for you to start looking for your crypto career or working on your startup. When it comes to your career search a great service to check out is Cleverism. Cleverism is more than just a job search tool. They’re able to help you get your dream job placement with higher salaries than you would without them. Check out the crypto listings they have to find something you’re interested in.

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