Can Liquid Craft NFTs Bring Additional Value To The NFT Space?

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Liquid Craft – a new project bringing tangible value to NFTs through physical asset backing has successfully launched its first liquid art NFT series Dragons & Bourbon to kick off their foray into the crypto and liquor industries alike.

The series consists of digital art pieces that are backed by assets in the form of premium bottles of handcrafted bourbon.

The concept is aiming to revolutionize how the liquor industry currently operates its purchasing of collectible liquor – using NFTs as the solutions to the problems that deter would-be investors, with the objective of providing a simpler, more secure selling experience.

The minting for the Dragons and Bourbon NFTs is now live here: 

All buyers of this exclusive series will be eligible for $ CRAFT token airdrops – the native token that comes with utility in the upcoming marketplace – expected to go live around December/January.

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Dragons and Bourbon – The First NFT Series

The first NFT collection by Liquid Craft – Dragons and Bourbon – is the initial offering for collectible liquor investors in pursuit of becoming a fully-fledged marketplace housing liquid art from crafters around the world. 

The launch is split into two tiers – tier one for the Ethereum Network offering a premium bottle of 123-proof, cask strength, straight bourbon in the form of a traditional rounded bottle – priced at 0.22 ETH each. 

Tier two is for the Binance Smart Chain offering a premium bottle of 100-proof, cask strength, straight bourbon in the form of a modernized square bottle – priced at 0.75 BNB each.

The assets backing the first NFT series are exclusively handcrafted by The Heart Distillery – an award winning distiller of spirits originating from Windsor, Colorado.

The liquor is crafted using homegrown and locally sourced ingredients, and the team has been in the industry for over a decade.

The distillery owner – Zach Weakland – is also the head at Liquid Craft, backing the project with prior experience in the field the concept aims to revolutionize. 

Airdrops for First Buyers

The bourbon has been crafted in a small batch of only 1500 – meaning there are only the equivalent in NFT art pieces.

It is a limited release, as the project envisions investing made easier with collectible liquor.

All buyers of the first series Dragons and Bourbon will be eligible to receive an airdrop of the native $ CRAFT token when it becomes available.

The amount of tokens received will differ depending on the tier purchased, with up to 4500 tokens for ETH tier buyers, and 1500 for BSC tier buyers respectively.

The token comes with utilities including reduced taxes on buys and sells when the marketplace is released in the future. 

Additionally buyers are given exclusive offers, discounts, and entries to future giveaways and promotions.

Merging NFTs with the Traditional Liquor Market

Liquid Craft is proposing an innovative solution to the problems that currently plaque the traditional liquor market, through the release of an NFT marketplace that will allow investors and crafters to interact with each other across the world on one platform.

Exclusive liquor-backed NFTs will go through vetting to ensure authenticity, and can therefore list their unique bottles on the marketplace with an NFT attached to it. 

The NFTs act as a form of ownership authentication, which allows the bottle to be traded freely on an international platform without ever leaving its original place of origin – the supplier.

The only reason the bottle may leave is if the owner at the time wishes to harvest the NFT in return for the physical asset, in which case the NFT is permanently removed from the supply, and can no longer be traded on the Liquid Craft marketplace, or any secondary market. 

The concept reduces intermediary processes that the current liquor investment goes through, by keeping the bottle in one place while trading multiple hands, any possible damages that are common with constant transportation of fragile goods is greatly reduced. 

Liquid Craft’s NFT Marketplace to Release Soon

The marketplace Liquid Crafts aims to release is the primary offering for the traditional liquor industry – a platform allowing the trading of collectible liquor between crafters and investors across the globe, through NFTs.

It could allow crafters who have suffered due to the drop in international tourism numbers, to continue to reach an audience during worldwide events that prevent businesses from operating normally. 

The project has seen a significant marketing campaign in the lead up to launch and has enlisted an expert crypto PR agency – Coinpresso.

The agency offers full-stack digital marketing expertise in SEO, Content Marketing, Copywriting, and Social Media Management – to help with community growth and exposure worldwide.

The concept adds tangible value to NFTs – something rarely seen in the crypto space, and by providing a use-case it can be applied to bottles of liquor to revolutionize the traditional investing methods currently used.

Both crafters and collectors are taken into consideration with this proposal with the buying and selling on the marketplace coming to fruition in the near future. 

The Dragons and Bourbons NFT Series is currently live and purchasable for the public. 

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