Breaking Bad Actor Says XRP Will Win its Long Impending Battle Against SEC


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Hollywood stars who have been vocal about cryptocurrencies on Twitter and in other ways over the previous few years seem to have stopped talking and tweeting about them by this point. However, recently the ‘Breaking Bad’ actor extended his support for XRP as it prepares to win in the final face-off with SEC. 

Daniel Moncada, who co-starred with his brother Luis in the popular television show Breaking Bad, thinks the fintech giant Ripple will win in its legal battle with the SEC. He shared this with David Gokhshtein as he joined the conversation on this topic that the crypto influencer started. 

Additionally, Moncada participated in a few additional film projects and starred in the “Breaking Bad” spinoff “Better Call Saul.” He and his brother performed “The Cousins” together. The actor, who was born in Honduras, appears to be interested in crypto, NFTs, and Web 3. 

David expressed the opinion that if the blockchain company wins its legal battle with the regulator, Ripple and the entire cryptocurrency market will “go parabolic” in a few tweets from September and from last year. 

He also stated that the price of XRP will skyrocket and in a recent tweet he said that he was thinking about purchasing additional XRP to his stockpile, and he previously stated that XRP detractors will undoubtedly use this coin in the future. The influencer “urged” the price of XRP to increase on Thursday by tweeting that he wanted the currency to go crazy right now.

He’s been talking about LUNC token as well. Gokhshtein has been referring to the recently revealed LUNC token of Terra as a “lottery ticket”, and also revealed that he was excited about LUNC revealing a roadmap for resurrecting itself.

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