Blockchain analytics provider Nansen integrates and invests in DeFi data app 

Nansen, a  blockchain data analytics platform, announced today that it will be participating in an ongoing seed round for leading DeFi data platform

To coincide with its seed investment, Nansen will also be integrating, the first time Nansen has incorporated outside data into its platform. is an analytics platform that provides clarity for liquidity providers contributing capital on Automated Market Making (AMM) protocols.

It currently has over 70,000 liquidity providers helping DeFi market makers track over $ 10 billion in TVL across 10 different blockchains. With, DeFi investors are able to make confident investment decisions by tracking their entire DeFi transaction portfolio history across all chains.

This announcement marks one of the first third-party data integrations for Nansen which to date has primarily relied on in-house blockchain data.


The initial integration will display APY data for select entries on the Nansen Hot Contracts home screen. This will enable users to judge not just the popularity of emerging contracts among Smart Money, but also to evaluate the state of liquidity mining rewards.

Firstly, this functionality will be made available for Ethereum but in the future will scale to other chains – including Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum, and Avalanche.

“We’re excited to have successfully integrated and added it to our growing list of Web3 investments as we believe that this will allow us to usher in a new stage of growth for both the platform and the ecosystem as a whole. We have long-term goals of making Nansen a one-stop-shop for on-chain data.”
– John Calabrese, Head of Product at Nansen

In the coming months, Nansen will also announce additional integrations including options for customers to “sort by yield” within Token God Mod and a dedicated “DeFi Paradise” section to help users surface the best yields across the entire blockchain universe.

Finally, new data including the ability to track deposits and earnings will allow for enhanced wallet profiling and complete portfolio tracking.

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