A New Age Approaches, SmarterWorx Art Trading Gives More Use Case Than Sandbox And Solana NFTs


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A new era in the crypto world has begun with the introduction of SmarterWorx. The NFT world has changed from business to usual; although much has been accomplished, additional features are still planned, even in this new era of SmarterWorx.

With the introduction of SmarterWorx, the art trade industry has changed; in the past, artworks of all types, including ceramics, paintings, and many more, were maintained in museums and then shown and sold in galleries.

Due to the lack of a platform that provides them with opportunities and incentives, brilliant artists previously experienced a lot of stress while trying to sell their aesthetic, cultural, and relevant material.

Many works of art that might have improved the world have remained only in the creative imaginations of the creators.

Rarely do platforms exist for art enthusiasts to access premium collections of artwork. The invention known as SmarterWorx helps to address these problems.

What is SmarterWorx?

SmarterWorx is a multi-purpose platform that serves as an art trade platform, a cryptocurrency platform, and an NFT platform.

It is a cryptocurrency platform in that ARTX, its native token, is the first cryptocurrency with a portfolio of actual works of art to support its value. Due to its usage on the blockchain and ability to buy actual works of art, ARTX has both digital and physical applications.

SmarterWorx is an art trading platform; the business acquires several current works of physical art from gifted creators at a discount, secures them in a vault, and then offers them for trade to reinvest in new art pieces. This keeps the ARTX operating and impervious to market downturns, allowing investors a secure place to spend their money for long-term gain.

SmarterWorx is an NFT platform because it mints one-of-a-kind NFTs from works of art locked up in the vault. Additionally, the NFTs are made available for purchase so that art enthusiasts and NFT collectors may do so through ARTX.

The purchased NFTs can be kept or sold on NFT marketplaces, and each NFT can be exchanged for a specific actual work of art at any moment.

The platform is being developed to transform how people buy modern art.

To profit from collecting art in the past, you must be a high-profile investor or an insider. The ground-breaking innovation of SmarterWorx is leveraging art portfolios to reduce the volatility and unpredictability that non-asset-backed cryptocurrencies are subject to. This is accomplished by the usage (sales) of tangible works of art and NFTs. As an added benefit, this procedure preserves the value of the ARTX.

Smarterworx is a better platform than Solana & Sandbox

The aforementioned characteristics elevate SmarterWorx over Solana and Sandbox NFTs as a superior platform that offers greater benefits for the arts and NFTs.

The Sandbox is an Ethereum-based metaverse that serves as both a platform for virtual reality video games and a way for users to acquire NFT characters and control virtual territories.

Solana is another blockchain platform that supports NFTs and DeFi.

However, neither platform has the distinguishing quality of SmarterWorx, which is having practical value. Use discount code ARTX5 for 5% off your next purchase!

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