100xAltbase | The New App to Buy Altcoins

Altcoins More Accessible Than Ever With 100xAltbase

A more user-friendly platform to buy alternative currencies is something that every crypto speculator craves.

That’s the sole purpose of 100xAltbase – an app that allows the user to buy altcoins using credit or debit card, without the need for multiple wallets or transactions.

The concept is simple. Eliminating steps required in order to transact with meme coin that in-turn, will ‘bridge the masses’ to these respective coins – not just 100xCoin. It’s understood that the app will feature multiple meme coins or altcoins, using 100xCoin as the bridge currency.

But, does the app provide genuine use to the wider crypto community? 

Why is 100xAltbase Useful?

To understand exactly what the app achieves, it’s important to identify the current process in place to transact with Binance Smart Chain, or Ethereum products.

Multiple wallets and a confusing UX provides a challenging task to new-found speculators, purely through how many different steps, platforms and currencies are involved. 100xAltbase removes a noticeable amount of stress by allowing users to transact with meme coins – using fiat currency.

So, not only does the app save time per transaction, removing the need to conduct swaps provides a direct financial benefit too. Using DApps to swap from one currency to another, will incur some form of slippage or network fee. Remove the swap, remove the fee.

The setup process is also pretty straightforward. Users can either set up a new wallet, or import from other wallets. Importing a wallet saves on transaction fees, and does a lot of the hard work in migrating wallet balances.

If 100xAltbase is adopted by wider smart chain products/projects – it will provide a better UX to the everyday retail trader, of which it’s then reasonable to say could correlate to an influx volume, across altcoins/meme coins listed on the app.

100xCoin: More than a Meme Coin?

With the inception of 100xAltbase, native currency 100xCoin is developing into more than just a meme coin. Developing further use-cases is paramount to the future viability of 100xCoin, and other meme coin across the smart chain. Altbase is a solid start in this regard.

Therefore, the coin itself is going through a transition from what started as a joke – to a deflationary currency with a genuine purpose to both holders, and wider crypto consumers looking to buy altcoins. 

100xAltbase is set to bridge the masses to the Binance Smart Chain. The app is just the start of our pursuit to be a market leader in BSC products, both B2B and B2C. We are just getting started. Ken Llamas

The app itself is now fully fledged on both iOS and Android, with users seemingly finding the app a hit. The Play Store currently shows an average 4.7 Rating, of which for cryptocurrency apps is considered excellent.

100xAltbase doesn’t guarantee the success of 100xCoin itself, but it goes a long way in substantiating the coins’ image, and ensuring ongoing market viability.

Media Contact: Liam Ross


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